THY: Bluffton High School Promotes Positive Self Talk During National Suicide Prevention Day






May 10th, 2019

Members of Teens for Healthy Youth (THY) at Bluffton High School placed positive messages and suicide help resource decals on the bathroom mirrors in preparation for National Prevention Week- May 13 to May 17th, 2019. In recognition of Suicide Prevention Day May 17th, THY aims to spread awareness of teen depression and suicide to peers who may be struggling. The decal has the National Suicide Prevention Hotline number. THY hopes that the positive messages will promote positive thoughts and actions and reduce negative thoughts associated with teen depression and suicide. THY members were interviewed by Beaufort County School District and were featured on the district website and social media platforms which furthered their message. Teens for Healthy Youth are dedicated to promoting positive teen health and are the youth coalition of the LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth (LCAHY). LCAHY is a recipient of the drug free communities grant. For more information on teen depression, suicide, and mental health information please visit the LCAHY website at