Community Forum: “Medical Marijuana and How it May Impact Your Community”

LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth hosted an informational community forum, “How Medical Marijuana Will Impact Your Community”. 

The forum featured the Vice of Services of the SC Law Enforcement Division and Deputy Coordinator of HIDTA National Marijuana Initiative. The speakers addressed how medical marijuana could impact the local community and the emerging effects that recreational and medical marijuana have on communities in other states. 

A survey was given to those in attendance and the data collected was analyzed by the consultant of LCAHY.  The survey results show that of attendees 69% believed youth would be at great risk of harming themselves, physically or other ways if they use marijuana.  Also, 57.1 % stated it is very easy for youth to access marijuana. Additionally, 79.1% reported marijuana is addictive, 96.4% conveyed more research of medical marijuana properties is needed, 60.6% knew that none of the major medical organizations has endorsed or approved “medical” marijuana, 71.4% concluded that pro- marijuana messages in the media very much influence youth, and 90.9% learned something they did not know prior to attending the forum.  The implication is that more education on medical marijuana is needed in our community.

LCAHY is a recipient of the Drug Free Communities Grant.