THY Success Stories

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Bluffton High School, Cross Schools, Heritage Academy, Hilton Head Island Christian Academy, Hilton Head Island High School, Hilton Head Preparatory School, and May River High School.

                                           Teens for Healthy Youth Raise Money for Bluffton Family After Tragedy • 9/27/2021

                                        THY Bluffton Educate Their Peers on the Dangers of Marijuana Before Summer Break •  5/04/2021

Members of Teens for Healthy Youth (THY) Receive the Mayor’s Service Award •  5/26/2021

THY Members Recognized During LCAHY Board Meeting •  5/17/2021

THY Encourage Peers to Participate in National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week Trivia Challenge  •  3/22/2021 – 3/26/2021

THY Cross Schools Educate Their Peers on Dangers of Drugs During National Drug Facts Week  •  3/22/2021 -3/26/2021

THY Promote Random Acts of Kindness at Bluffton High School •  2/17/2021

THY at Cross Schools Address Stress During Exams Week • 12/14/2020 – 12/16/2020

THY at Hilton Head Prep Host Stress-Free Fair • 12/10/2020 & 12/11/2020

THY Create A THY Recruitment Video During COVID-19 • 11/16/2020

Stress Can Be Scary • 10/29-30/2020

Hilton Head Christian Academy THY Takeover: Managing Stress through COVID-19 • 10/26-30/2020

THY Assist with Rx Take Back Day • 10/24/2020

LCAHY Recognizes THY for Promoting Positive Teen Health Year-Round & During COVID-19 • 10/5/2020

THY Educate their Peers During National Prevention Week • 05/10-16/2020

Kylie Nelson  THY Member Gives Message  to Peers on Smoking, Vaping & Mental Health • 05/07/2020

Staying Positive and Destressing During COVID-19 • 04/27/2020

THY Generate Ideas on What Teens Can Do at Home During COVID-19• 04/20/2020

THY Encourage Peers to Participate in National Drug Facts Week during COVID-19 Crisis • 04/01/2020

SERG Hosts a Healthy Cooking Class for Teens for Healthy Youth • 03/2020

THY Encourage Their Peers to take the Communities that Care Survey • 02/2020

THY Bluffton High Deliver Anti-Stress Kits to their Teachers to Promote Positive Lifestyles • 12/20/2019

LCAHY/THY Stress Presentation for Teens • 12/11/2019

THY at HHCA Help Peers Deal with Stress in Healthy Ways • 12/2019

May River High THY Encourages Their Peers to Make Positive Choices Over Winter Break • 12/13/2019

THY Chosen to be Co-Grand Marshal in Bluffton Christmas Parade • 12/06/2019 & 12/07/2019


LCAHY/THY Support Local Foster Families during the Holiday Season • 11/2019

LCAHY/THY Suicide Prevention Walk in Bluffton • 11/21/2019

THY Interview with WSAV on Dangers of E-cigarettes  • 11/5/2019

HHCA’s THY Second Annual Take Back Day Promotes Positive Choices • 11/01/2019

THY Induction Ceremony 2019/2020  • 10/ 24/2019

LCAHY/THY Environmental Scan • 10/2019

LCAHY/THY Bluffton National Night Out• 10/01/2019

LCAHY/THY Talk of the Town Interview • 9/23/2019

THY Bills for the Bahamas • 9/11-13/2019

LCAHY/THY Fundraiser • 8/26/2019

Teens for Healthy Youth Leadership Conference • 8/1/2019

 THY Hilton Head Prep “Wellness Wednesdays” •  Spring 2019

THY May River High School Promotes Mental Health Awareness •  05/2019

THY Bluffton High School Promotes Positive Self Talk During National Suicide Prevention Day • 04/10/2019

THY Participates in Town of Bluffton’s Launch of Lutzie 43 Campaign • 04/08/2019

THY May River High School Creates PSAs on Risks of E-Cigarettes • 01/21/2019 – 01/25/2019

THY Bluffton High School Plays Drug Fact Trivia with 6th Graders • 01/21/2019 – 01/25/2019

THY Inaugural Induction Ceremony • 11/15/2018

THY Bluffton High School  Kick Butts Day • 11/09/2018

Town of Bluffton Character Education Student of the Month Recipient •  10/2018

THY Bluffton High School Donates to Project CURE Childhood Cancer in Memory of Peer • 09/15/18 – 09/19/18CADCA Youth Leadership Training in Orlando • 6/16/18 – 6/19/18

THY Leader Develops Infographics to Discourage Impaired Driving • Summer/Winter 2018

THY Bluffton High School Reclaim 4/20 • 4/20/18

THY Bluffton High School Educates Middle School Students During National Drug Facts Week • 04/02/2018