LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth emerged in 2012 after a tragic automobile accident, involving four local teenagers. One of the four teens died as a result of this accident and it was unfortunately found that underage alcohol consumption was a contributing factor to this fatal crash.

Since then, LCAHY has worked to bring many different parts of our community together to address substance use and abuse among teens. The twelve community sectors are strongly represented and active within our coalition.

LCAHY currently has a presence at all local high schools. Our focus is to participate and include students in functions and providing information to students as well as the community on the dangers of alcohol and substance use and abuse among minors. Media campaigns, guest speakers, and civic organization participation have all been utilized in area schools and among students, teachers, and parents to spread awareness and to encourage community involvement.

We continue to encourage and promote positive health choices among the youth in our community. We also encourage all of our community to work alongside us to reduce substance use and abuse among our teenage population. Our youth are our future and we must work together to promote healthy development and positive choices as they navigate through life.